April 4th 2013
FI Ch Northgate's Absolutely Fab
C.I.B. & FI & SE & SK & LV & EE Ch LTJW-09 BaltW-09 FIW-09 HeW-10 Shalimar Mia Affirmed


Northgate's Qing of the North 

Northgate's Queen of Diamonds

Northgate's Queen Of My Heart

Northgate's Queen Ezhar

Northgate's Queen Of The Pirates

Northgate's Queen Supreme




The father is from our own breeding, charming Pele, Northgate's Absolutely Fab. Pele is already 8 years old happy smiling boy (just like his mother Lady). His eys have been checked 3 times (last was this January, only extra eyelashes found). Also his hips, knees and elbows are healthy. The inbreeding level of this combination is 3,5 %.

Pele is medium sized balanced male, and I absolutely love his temperament! He hasn't been shown much but is a Finnish Champion. He is a litter brother to famous Qing (N. As You Like It) and double specialty Best In Show Winner Mörkö (N. Ain't A Saint).

Both parents have lovely temperaments and full dentation.

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