Born: March 6th 2013
Sire: GB & AM Ch AM GCh Reedly Road Globetrotter
Dam: C.I.B. & FI & EE & LV & SE Ch HeW-12 CVM-12 TS-12 Northgate's I Want It All


The boys:

Northgate's Pablo Picasso

Northgate's Perfect Ten

Northgate's Piece Of Art 

Northgate's Place Your Bets 

Northgate's Platinum Edition 

Northgate's Prince Charming

HEJW-13 Northgate's Proud To B Loud

The Princess:

HEJW-13 Northgate's Poetry In Motion

Sire: GB & Am Ch Am GCH EuW-11 Reedly Road Globetrotter "Phrank"


C.I.B.*& FI & EE & LV & SE Ch HeW-11 CVM-12 TS-12 Northgate's I Want It All

* not yet confirmed by FCI

The inbreeding level of this combination is 2,73 % to following gorgeous Pharaohs: Antefa's Kahira (0,98%), Farao Anubis Ramses (0,78 %) and Antefa's Farah Dipah (0,79 %).

Miina's health results:
no signs of hereditary diseases 24.11.2011

Ch Reedly Road Globetrotter Ch Antefa's Pharaoh Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah
Ch Antefa's L'Odeah Ch Farao Anubis Ramses
Ch Antefa's Kahira
Ch Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road
Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin
Ch Beltara's Pantooset Oberon
Ch Lileo's Put'n on the Ritz
Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina Ch Farao Anubis Ramses
Ch Antefa's Kahira
Ch Northgate's I Want It All Ch Siphra's Partner In Crime Ch Anubis Horus of Ghazzi Isis Shema's Ghazzi Khan
Anubis' Isis of Dazzling Sun
Ch Magicway's Min For Siphra Ch Siphra's Summernight City
Ch Chefren Min Mut
Ch Northgate's Northern Lights Ch Antefa's Nimrod Ch Antefa's Jemhetep
Ch Antefa's Lotus
Ch Siphra's Sentimental Lady Ch Shema's Mia American Flyer
Ch Siphra's Mama Mia



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