Pharaoh Hounds

By clicking a picture you will get more information: pedigrees, more photos etc.

Our girls:

Northgate’s Queen Supreme (“Diva”)
HeJW-13 Northgate’s Poetry In Motion (“Saga”)

FI & SE Ch Northgate’s Northside Special (“Britney”)

C.I.B. & FI & SE & SK & LV & EE Ch LTJW-09 BaltW-09 FIW-09 HeW-10 Shalimar Mia Affirmed (“Tyyne”)
C.I.B. & NORD & FI & NO & SE & EE Ch EstJW-08 FICC-10 FI LC Ch Northgate’s Divine Hanishan (“Telma”)
INT & Nord & FIN & N & S Ch EstJW-05 SBIS ECC-06 NordCC-07 FIN LC Ch DVM-07 Northgate’s Northern Lights (“Wendy”)

Our boys:

C.I.B. & Nord & Balt & FI & NO & SE & LT & EE & LV Ch JWW-08 FINW-08-10 NordW-13 EEJW-08 LTW-09 BaltW-09 BISS SBIS BIS Northgate’s Dom Perignon (“Skumpan”)
FI Ch FIJW-12 HEJW-12 Northgate’s Nothing Else Matters (“Victor”)
Co-owned dogs:
Northgate’s Prince Charming (“Manu”)
FIJW-10 FRJW-11 Northgate’s Just For Kicks (“Ralf”)
FI Ch BaltJW-09 Northgate’s Front Page News (“Rölli”)
Gone but not forgotten:
FI & SE Ch EstJW-05 EstW-05 SM-r-06-07 TS-07-08 DV-07 NordRC-08 FIN LC Ch Northgate’s Fire And Ice (“Funky”)
INT & Nord & FIN & NO & SE Ch SMM-06 FIN & S LC Ch VMM-07 Siphra’s Sentimental Lady (“Lady”)

The ones we have co-owned:

C.I.B. & NORD & FI & SE & EE & LV & NO Ch HeW-11 CVM-12 TS-12 Northgate’s I Want It All (“Miina”)
FI Ch Northgate’s Just About Perfect (“Kaya”)
Northgate’s Killer Queen (“Myy”)