FI & NO & SE Ch Taikatytön Elosalama
C.I.B. & FI & SE & EE Ch FI LC Ch Northgate's Envy Me


CIB & FI & SE & NO & NORD CH FI LC Ch Northgate's Midnight Fantasy

Northgate's Magnifique

The girl:
Northgate's Miss Dior

Our puppies use & recommend:


Latte's eyes are checked and there are no signs of hereditary diseases and her knees are healthy. Latte has a wonderful happy temperament and she is not only beautiful but also very good in Lure Coursing and loves racing too!


Jamppa has a wondeful happy outgoing temperament. His eyes & knees are checked healthy.

The inbreeding level of the combination is 3,14% with 5 generations and is line breeding to Sobers Elba (1,56%) and Taikatytön Nonparelli (1,58 %). With 9 generations the inbreeding level is 5,7 %.

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