Chassellis Djahi Ta´Ziffa
Nord & FI & NO & SE CH Northgate's Divine Hanishan

The Boys:

Northgate's King Arthur

Northgate's King Of The Ring

And the Girls:

C.I.B. & NORD & SE & DK & NO Ch JWW-11 CphW-12 SEW-12 Northgate's Kalahari Queen

Northgate's Katharina the Great

Northgate's Khamseen the Queen

Northgate's Killer Queen

Northgate's Katherine of Aragon

Northgate's Koh-I-Noor



Faro is a son to our superstar Multi Ch Multi BIS Northgate's As You Like It "Qing" and has a Maltese mother Tal-Wardija B-Ziffa Helwa Ta'Malta. Faro is a dark red handsome boy with a lovely temperament and I must say the photos of him just don't do him justice! He is his owner's best buddy, shown only couple of times but has a Swedish CC. His knees have been checked and are OK. Faro has all teeth. Thank you Jan for letting us use your lovely boy!!

Telma is a bitch of ideal size (which is quite rare in Scandinavia), has absolutely the sweetest temparament, lovely construction and nice movements. Her hips are A/A (Excellent), eyes with no signs of hereditary diseases and knees & elbows 0/0. More info and photos of Telma on her own page: Northgate's Divine Hanishan

The inbreeding level (5 generations) is 4,95 % (with 9 generations 5,8%) and is line breeding to Siphra's Sentimental Lady and Antefa's Kahira.

Chassellis Djahi Ta'Ziffa Ch Northgate's As You Like It Ch Antefa's Pharaoh Ch Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
Ch Antefa's L'Odeah
Ch Siphra's Sentimental Lady Ch Shema's Mia American Flyer
Ch Siphra's Mama Mia
Tal-Wardija B-Ziffa Helwa Ta'Malta Jackie Ii-Blu
Ch Patsy Safra Tal-Wardija Rawl
Golden Brown Tal-Wardija
Northgate's Divine Hanishan Ch Farao Anubis Ikaros Lileo's Orpheus Of Serafin Ch Beltara's Pantooset Oberon
Ch Lileo's Put'n on the Ritz
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CH Antefa's Farah Dibah
Ch Northgate's Northern Lights Ch Antefa's Nimrod Ch Antefa's Jemhetep
Ch Antefa's Lotus
Ch Siphra's Sentimental Lady Ch Shema's Mia American Flyer
Ch Siphra's Mama Mia




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