Nord & SE & FI & NO Ch Antefa's Nimrod
C.I.B & FI & SE &EE Ch EuJW-05 Siphra's Back-Door Angel
February 17th 2010

The boys:

FIJW-10 FRJW-11 Northgate's Just For Kicks

Northgate's Just Let Them Talk

And the girls:

FI & SE Ch Northgate's Just Look At Me

FI Ch Northgate's Just About Perfect


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Nord & SE & FI & NO Ch BISS Antefa's Nimrod

Above: young Nimrod (Photo Åsa Lindholm)

Above Nimrod 8 years (photo Emelie Andersson)

Head shots above by M Evteeva

Thanks to the owners Elina Vuori & Petra Palukka for letting us use Kiara

C.I.B. * & FI & SE & EE Ch EuJW-05 Siphra's Back-Door Angel

* not yet confirmed by FCI

photos of Kiara: Petra Palukka

The inbreeding level of this combination is 5.44 % and is linebreeding to:

Antefa's Farah Dipah 2,79 %
Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis 1,56 %
Fallohide King Ramses 0,70%
Tutankhamon 0,39 %


Ch Antefa's Nimrod Ch Antefa's Jemhetep Ch Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis Ch Fallohide King Ramses
Ch Leetbank Arusa
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah Ch Antefa's Bchepherure
Ch Antefa's Crio-sphinx
Ch Antefa's Lotus Ch Farao Anubis Ramses Ch Kbir Ramses El-Kabul
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Ch Antefa's Kahira Ch Antefa's Hapi
Ch Antefa's Farah Dibah
CH Siphra's Back-Door Angel Ch Siphra's Revival Ch Shema's Mia American Flyer Ch Shema's Mia Arrowshaft
Ch Shema's Mia Splash
Ch Siphra's Mama Mia Ch Antefa's Jem-Seti
Ch Scheik's  Orchid  
Ch Magicway's Min For Siphra Ch Siphra's Summernight City Ch Antefa's Jem-Seti
Ch Scheik's Orchid
Ch Chefren Min Mut Ch Tutankhamon
Ch Neferkare Ramses El Kabul



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