FIN & Est Ch EuJW-06 EstW-08 Siphra's Partner In Crime
INT & Nord & Fin & N & S Ch EstJW-05 SBIS ECC-06
NordCC-07 Fi LC Ch Northgate's Northern Lights
July 15th 2009

The boys:

Northgate's Incredible Me

EE & LT J CH LT & CR & LV & CRNE & GORE CH Northgate's It’s Gonna Be Me

Northgate's I Did It My Way

The girls:

FI Ch Northgate's I Me Mine

C.I.B. & NORD & FI & EE & LV & SE & NO Ch HeW-11 TS-12 CVM-12 Northgate's I Want It All


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This inbreeding level is 3,8 (5 generations) and is linebreeding to:

Scheik's Orchid 0,78125%
Antefa's Jem-Seti 0,78125%
Antefa's Farah Dipah 0,6045341%
Pharaoh Ramses Arthemis 0,390625%
Shema's Ghazzi Khan 1,0378361%
Fallohide King Ramses 0,2327442%

Topi is a medium sized male, dark red in color and is an excellent mover. He has a lovely temperament, he absolutely is a sweet boy!

Wendy was Best In Show in the Finnish Pharaoh Hound Specialty in 2005 and in the Finnish Pharaoh Hound Specialty in 2008 she was rewarded BIS-movements. Wendy has also gained titles in Lure Coursing, the sport she loves!

Wendy's health results:

Does not show signs of PRA, HC or RD illnes
(checked 24.11.2005 and 11.9.2006)
full dentation

Topi's health results:

Does not show signs of PRA, HC or RD illnes
full dentation


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