March 16th 2007
INT & S & Fin & AKC & AM & GB Ch EuW-06 FinW-04-06 SBIS Farao Anubis Ikaros
INT & Nord & Fin & N & S Ch EstJW-05 SBIS ECC-06 NordCC-07 FIN LC Ch DVM-07 Northgate's Northern Lights

4 boys:

Swiss & DWZRV Ch Northgate's Devotion

INT & NORD & BALT & FI & NO& S & LT & EE & LV Ch JWW-08 FINW-08 EEJW-08 LTW-09 BaltW-09 BISS SBIS BIS Northgate's Dom Perignon

Fi Ch Northgate's Don't Blame Me

Northgate's Double O Seven

2 girls:

NRD & FI & NO & SE Ch EstJW-08 Northgate's Divine Hanishan

FI Ch Northgate's Drama Queen


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.....Combining two Pharaoh Hound Specialty Best In Show winners.....

"Plupp" is a gorgeous male and even though he has been shown sparingly has gained a lot: Top Pharaoh Hound dog in England 2005 - The PH Club system, Top Pharaoh Hound in UK 2005 - Dog World System, English and American Champion and Group Winner in the UK! In June 2006 in Finland he wos BOB in the European Winner Show and the following day Best In Show in the Finnish Pharaoh Hound club's specialty. Plupp was also Best of Breed in the Finnish Winner Show in December 2006. Wendy was Best in Show in the Finnish PH specialty in 2005.

Plupp does not show signs of PRA, HC or RD illnes and he has a complete bite. Plupp is super elegant yet substanced, medium sized, dark tan, very eye-catchy and with noble high head carriage both on the move and standing, he has great movements and extremely beautiful head and expression. As we got only two beautiful puppies under Plupp and Weera we wanted to use him again...

Wendy is a stylish girl with lovely deep color and the most beautiful head, excellent size and well balanced body. She does not show signs of PRA, HC or RD illnes (checked twice) and has a complete bite, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0 and hips A/A.


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